Process specification

Etch Rate; Si3N4 1500A /

Poly 3000A

Uniformity; <5%(Max-Min)

Selectivity; To Poly 2:1/

To Oxide 20:1

85 Profile & Damage free

low Micro-loading effect
Design factors

Gas distribution

Chamber volume

Evacuation efficiency

Wafer area pressure

Plasma distribution

Radical ratio

Surface reaction rate
Experimental factors

SF6, CF4 => Nitride/Cl2, HBr=>Poly

Additive gas; CHF3, He, O2, N2


RF Power

Chamber & Electrode temperature

Hardware specification
Foot print; 1072W*1380D*1770H
Wafer size; 4” to 8”
Plasma source : CCP
2 load station & 2 vacuum load-locks
High reliable ATM wafer handling ROBOT
Dual beam wafer mapper
Non contact wafer pre alignment
On board Comdel™ 13.56MHz RF generator, Max 600W
Fast & Fine tune resolution RF Match
High conductance exhaust throttle valve and heated manifold
NT base operating software & GUI15” LCD touch monitor
SECSII/GEM communication
Ulpa filter over loadstation (option)
Optical emission Dual Endpoint Detector